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Woman Chugs Bottle Of Cognac To Avoid Having It Confiscated By Airport Security

Many people have lost their drinks to liquid restrictions on airlines, but a woman surnamed Zhao decided Beijing Airport's regulations wouldn’t get the best of her — or her $200 bottle of European cognac, which she bought in the U.S.

On Aug. 21, Zhao tried to board her Wenzhou-bound flight with a bottle of Remy Martin XO Excellence in her carry-on, but security agents stopped her. Because it was too late to put the cognac in her checked luggage, Zhao did what any sensible person would do and drank the entire bottle.

Unfortunately, Zhao was barred from her flight because she became so drunk she began shouting and causing a scene. “She was so drunk … she couldn’t even stand up herself. We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest,” a police officer told The Beijing Times, South China Morning Post reported.

After she slept her expensive buzz off, Zhao’s family picked her up, The Nanfang reported. She thanked the officers for taking care of her.

Sources: The Nanfang, South China Morning Post / Photo credit: Remy Martin product image


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