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Woman Chops Off Her Lover's Penis Before His Wedding

Woman Chops Off Her Lover's Penis Before His Wedding Promo Image

A 26-year-old Indian man found himself undergoing surgery to have his penis reattached after his lover allegedly chopped it off before his wedding to another woman. 

The man, only identified as Irshad, arranged to meet with his 30-year-old lover for the last time before his arranged marriage to a woman his parents selected, according to Metro. 

The couple agreed to meet at a hotel in Kattipuram, India. Irshad's lover was not identified but is a divorcee who has been in a relationship with Irshad for more than two years, according to The Times of India.

Police believe that Irshad may have married his lover in secret, causing her to feel betrayed when she learned he was arranged to be married to another woman.

When Irshad told his lover about his arranged marriage, she allegedly chopped off 90 percent of his penis.

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Irshad ran out of the room and was taken to the hospital by hotel staff. His lover was arrested and confessed to using a small knife to sever Irshad's penis. 

Irshad told police that his injury was self-inflicted, reports The Times of India. The woman was taken in for questioning.

Video from the hospital shows Irshad lying on a table, surrounded by doctors and nurses.

Once at the hospital, doctors performed an eight-hour surgery to reattach Irshad's penis.

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"To re-implant an amputated penis, all the complex structures in the penis have to be repaired," said Dr. K.S. Krishnakumar, senior consultant and head of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery at the Aster MIMS hospital.

"In this case, we successfully repaired the arteries which bring the blood to the organ, the veins which carry the blood away, the nerves which give sensibility to the organ, the urethra, the corpora which provides erection and the muscles," Krishnakumar said. 

Irshad had to remain in the hospital for seven days, but he should be back to normal in four weeks, the surgeon said.

The Center for Plastic, Vascular and Reconstructive Surgery at Aster MIMS opened in December 2016.

When the center opened, it was billed as being the best facility for reconstructive surgery in the region. 

"From the simplest cosmetic procedure to the most complex cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, our team will apply the advanced treatment techniques to set the benchmark for plastic and reconstructive surgery in this region," Krishnakumar said at the time, reported The Times of India.

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