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Woman Caught In Horrifying Mudslide As Crowd Watches (Video)

A woman was recently caught in a terrifying mudslide in Punta Hermosa, Peru, while a crowd of bystanders watched and cheered her on from the shore (video below).

Video of the incident begins with a large structure resembling a motor home being carried away by the fast-moving mud.

The video cuts to Evangelina Chamorro Diaz as she swims and crawls through mud-covered debris in a desperate effort to save her own life, notes Sky News.

During her struggle, people shout to her from the shore, but no one is seen going into the mud to help the 32-year-old woman.

After a valiant struggle out of the brown goo, which was aided by debris floating in the mud, Diaz is almost able to make it to dry land when she collapses. Some bystanders finally step in and help her.

Diaz said later that she was trying to to grab branches and create a bridge of some sort to get out of the mudslide.

Diaz and her husband were taken to a local hospital. She informed the country's health minister that her kids were at school when the mudslide hit.

Her pigs and cows were swept away by the mud, but some bystanders managed to rescue the animals.

The Daily Mail notes that Peru was hit by bad weather sparked by El Nino -- the warming of sea-surface temperatures -- which resulted in landslides and flooding that blocked the country's main highway and forced hundreds of Peruvians to leave their homes.

The news site reports on another dramatic video that shows children being rescued by a Peruvian army helicopter.

One serviceman is seen in the video transporting a small boy on his shoulders toward the helicopter.

More troops helped kids into the helicopter, and flew them to safety.

According to the Peruvian Ministry of Defense, the troops rescued 210 people who got stranded after the La Leche river flooded out.

The Daily Mail notes that flood was caused by heavy rains in the north western part of Peru.

While the rescues are welcome news, at least 15 people died after a bus slid into a ravine in the Yauya district, located in the central part of the country.

According to police, there were 22 people on board when the bus plummeted due to heavy rain. That same rain and low visibility hampered rescue efforts, police said.

Earlier in March, Peru's weather agency, Senamhi, warned that intense rains were coming.

Sources: Sky News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Ian Paterson/Geograph

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