Woman Captures Image Of 'Ghost Doctor' In Haunted Hospital (Photos)


A woman was shocked to discover the image of what appeared to be a “ghost doctor” in a photo she took at a haunted hospital in the U.K.

Jamie Leigh-Brown, a 21-year-old decorator, was exploring St. Thomas Hospital in Stockport, United Kingdom —which was abandoned for more than a decade —when she snapped the creepy photo. Brown, an amateur ghost hunter, had just taken the photo when she and a group of friends heard footsteps above them, despite the fact that there are no working stairs in the building. They immediately ran out of the hospital, and Brown was so terrified that she didn’t check the photo until later.

When she was finally able to view the pictures she’d taken in the hospital, she noticed an odd-looking figure lurking in the distance, which looked like a doctor.

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“It freaked me out,” she said. “It's standing in a lift shaft. It's really creepy to think my friend was just heading towards the area where the ghost was. We'd only gone into the workhouse for a laugh and to look around. We kept hearing noises above us like shuffling and footsteps but hadn't actually seen anything.”

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According to the Daily Mail, St. Thomas treated thousands of psychiatric patients before it was shut down, but was also originally an infamous Victorian workhouse called The Grubber. The workhouse, built in 1841, was known for how it treated its inmates in the years before it was converted to a hospital. According to reports, patients at The Grubber were often “packed like sardines in a tin,” which posed a serious fire risk, and management was known to be “completely without plan or method” in many instances. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror

Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk


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