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Woman Attempts Suicide After First Meeting With Online Boyfriend

A 23-year-old woman from Jilin Province, China, tried to kill herself multiple times after discovering her online boyfriend did not look like his pictures.

The woman and man had met online and began dating. She lived in Jilin Province while he was from Heilongjiang Province.

Against her parent's wishes, because the woman is 10 years younger than the man, she traveled to meet her online beau in person, reports Shanghaist.

Their in-person meeting did not go well.

When police arrived to a seventh floor hotel room in Mudanjiang city, the woman ran to the balcony and stood with one leg over, shouting “You cheated me!” at her online boyfriend, police said.

Police managed to remove the woman from the balcony and separated her from the man so they could try and calm them down individually.

The woman then swallowed a handful of sleeping pills and tried to slit her wrists with a broken piece of glass.

Police stopped her and called for an ambulance. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The woman is in stable condition but she swallowed pieces of broken glass and therefore will remain in the hospital for observation.

This is not the first instance in China of a man and woman becoming upset over misleading online dating profiles.

Recently, a man and woman were filmed in an unknown Chinese city fighting in the middle of the street after meeting for the first time (video below). They were accusing one another of sending deceiving pictures.

"I hit you, so what? Look at what you look like, and you're pointing fingers at me!" the woman yells in the video.

"Look. I was invited to meet an online friend. Look at how she looks before me, and then look at this photo,” the man says to passerby after taking his phone out.

"You (onlookers) be the judge. Isn't this me? Isn't this me?" The woman asks. "It's you who is lying to me, you bastard!"

The argument turned physical and the man eventually left after pushing the woman to the ground.

Sources: Shanghaist (2) / Photo credit: Shanghaist


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