Woman Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Dog Poop At Cop (Video)


An unidentified woman was arrested after she allegedly threw dog defecation on a police officer in Molendinar, Queensland, Australia, last week (video below)

The woman was walking her dogs when she discovered that her street had been blocked off by police, notes DeathAndTaxesMag.com.

The woman was upset that she could not walk home, and was apparently told to move by the police.

"I'm standing right here, that's where me and my dogs are standing!" the woman yelled at the cops, reports Yahoo! News. "I'm standing right f---ing here!"

The woman then allegedly threw a bag of dog defecation at one of the cops. The officers quickly took the woman down to the ground and handcuffed her, but it's not clear if she was charged with any crime.

Sources: Yahoo! News, DeathAndTaxesMag.com / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot/The Ray Hadley Morning Show/Facebook


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