Woman Claims Threading Appointment Left Her With Almost No Eyebrows


A U.K. woman is up in arms after her eyebrow threading appointment allegedly left her with virtually no eyebrows.

Sarah Taylor, 37, claims that she was left with almost no eyebrows after her appointment at Saniya’s Brow Bar in Manchester, U.K., the Manchester Evening News reports.

According to Taylor, a staff member there initially made her eyebrows lopsided on Wednesday. As they attempted to rectify the mistake, they allegedly left her with very little hair in her eyebrows.

“I’d had my brows done before and thought they were getting untidy,” Taylor recounted. “The girl got me to sit down and started doing the threading. When she got me a mirror, my eyes were full of tears because it had been so painful and I couldn’t see.”

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal technique offered as an alternative to waxing or tweezing the hair. The method utilizes a thread that is rolled over hair, plucking it out.

“I went to the ladies’ and when I looked in the mirror, one side had literally nothing there and the other was more bushy,” she said. “I went back and spoke to a more senior lady and she said they would have to take loads off the other side to even it up.”

“When she gave me the mirror again I was like ‘wow,'” Taylor said, “there was hardly any hair there. My hair takes ages to grow so I don’t see myself having eyebrows again for months.

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(via Manchester Evening News)

“I’m not that girly so I’ve no idea how to fix this with an eyebrow pencil," she added. I’d got it done before my dad’s 70th birthday and my birthday night out the weekend after.”

According to her, the business offered her a free appointment but she does not wish to return.

According to the owner Massoma Salman, Taylor became rude and began shouting.

“She is totally wrong,” Salman stated. “She had really thin and blonde eyebrows and wanted to get her eyebrows thinned. We suggested to her that she should leave them to grow but she said no and wanted the work to be done.

“I told her that she should not get anything done but she insisted," Salman added. "We have hundreds of clients a week. She was shouting and my other clients were shocked. She was very rude.”

Source: Manchester Evening News, Mirror

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News, Billie Ward/Flickr


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