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Woman Afflicted With Bizarre Condition Finally Get An Answer

When Laura Ponce was 15, something unusual began happening to her eyes. Hard white disks were forming in her eye sockets, forcing her to pull her eye open and remove them. “It starts to swell then I have to open my eye to take out the membrane," she explained. “When it dries it hardens, it gets really hard. It hurts a lot.”

Ponce, who lives in Brazil, has been suffering from the condition for the last 20 years, causing her intense pain. “I’m a nursery school teacher, I get angry not being able to work,” she said. "Two years ago it was infected for six-months and I was taking 30-membranes out of my eye each day.”

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Now, Ponce might finally have an answer and a cure, Mirror reported. She will appear in TLC’s new series Body Bizarre, which put her in contact with  Dr. Goncalves, who believes Ponce’s eye is producing excess keratin, a protein naturally found in the body, according to MedicineNet. 

“I have been an ophthalmologist for 25-years and I have never seen anything like it," Goncalves said. “For these plaques to form so fast there could only be one explanation, it must be chemical."

Ponce was prescribed silver nitrate eye drops, which now help her manage her condition.

Sources: Mirror, MedicineNet Image via Mirror


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