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Group Claims ISIS Is Stepping Up Use Of Suicide Bombers

Photos and footage of an alleged Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber have appeared online, reportedly from an incident in Yemen.

Witnesses used their cell phones to film the man after the suicide belt he was wearing went off before he reached his target, according to

In the pictures -- displayed below, courtesy of LiveLeak -- the man can be seen lying on the ground, having lost his legs due to the explosion. He also bleeds from the chest.

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“He is from ISIS,” one man shouts during video footage of the incident, reported.

Another man demands to know why the crowd which has gathered is filming a dying man. He asks them to leave.

In October, ISIS claimed responsibility for four suicide bombings in the country, killing 15. Among the victims were four soldiers in the city of Adan, Yemen.

The footage comes a week after a report claimed ISIS is expanding its recruitment of suicide bombers in Syria.

The activist group Syria is being Slaughtered Silently reported that the Jihadi group is recruiting females to a new suicide bombing unit being established in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, according to the Daily Mail

The group claimed than an Egyptian woman was offered a substantial sum of money and the promise to “go to your husband in heaven,” if she joined the unit.

Another woman cited in the report, identified only as Farah, allegedly said that she was approached by a woman who informed her that ISIS was seeking female suicide bombers for “battles to protect Raqqa.” Farah had a “duty to the city” to join, the woman reportedly added.

ISIS is focusing their recruitment campaign on Arab women, viewing the value of the foreign women in the al-Khansaa brigades as too great to risk them in suicide missions, Daily Mail added.

The al-Khansaa brigades are made up of foreign women who patrol the streets of Raqqa.

Sources:, Daily Mail / Photo credit: LiveLeak via


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