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Wife Throws Husband's Mistress Off Bridge In Brazil (Video)


Shocking video (below) from Brazil has been posted online of a woman throwing her husband’s suspected mistress off a bridge after beating her up.

The cellphone video shows the wife savagely striking her rival on the back of the head and then dragging her along the street by her hair.

The alleged mistress screams and begs with the irate woman as she is dragged out onto street and thrown over the bridge into a shallow pool of water, notes Daily Mail.

The 60-second clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, begins with the women already engaged in a brawl outside what seems to be an apartment complex.

The wife is punching the other woman on the back of her head as she grabs her long hair.

The mistress, who is wearing a black halter dress, hangs on to the bars of a gate outside the building as she tries to break free.

A man and a woman are on the other side of the gate and look on in surprise while the fight unfolds.

After grappling outside the complex, the wife, who is taller than her adversary, yanks hard on the woman's hair and jerks her head back and forth.

With a strong yank, the wife hauls the woman on to the sidewalk and starts to pull her by her hair. The alleged concubine moans and pleads in Portuguese as the camera follows the two beside the road.

When the wife pulls the mistress into the street, the woman starts to crawl on her hands and knees as she fights to stand up.

The recording looks to briefly stop and when it starts again, a third woman has appeared, who appears to be a friend of the wife.

Together, the wife and her friend, who are now standing at the edge of the bridge, lift the woman off the ground and fling her over into a shallow pool of water below.

The video ends with the mistress soaking wet in the water, lifting her head up. She does not appear to be seriously injured.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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