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Wife Responds To Cheating Husband By Selling Their Home While He Is Out Of Town

A woman in the United Kingdom decided to deal with her cheating husband by selling their home in Nuneaton while he was on a business trip in New York.

Craig Arnolds, 44, returned from his trip to the U.S. to find the locks changed on the house and six students inside, Coventry Telegraph reported.

His wife, Laura Arnolds, 42, was gone.

Laura made the choice to sell the home, which was in her parents' name since they took over the mortgage for the couple during a time of financial hardship, after she discovered an incriminating message on Craig’s smartphone.

“Things aren’t great between us at the moment,” Laura told The Sunday Mercury, according to Coventry Telegraph. “I could do it because my parents came up with the deposit for our home and when we struggled with the mortgage, they came in.”

The message Laura saw on Craig's forgotten iPhone was from an American woman describing the steamy reception he could expect in New York.

Using a quick-sale real estate website, Laura sold the home and it was soon occupied by students from the nearby University of Warwick.

“All the lights were on and the TV was blaring,” Craig said of the evening he returned to his former home. “I remember thinking it was really out of character for Laura to be up past 11 p.m. I had no idea what on earth was going on. At this point I was seriously freaked out, jet lagged and frantic -- I started banging on the door and shouting Laura’s name -- but was greeted instead by what looked like a 21-year-old hippie.”

When Craig walked inside, he noticed all of Laura’s furniture was gone, but the chairs and table he had inherited from his late father, his set of golf clubs, and a vintage radio remained.

“She’d included my most prized possessions in the ‘fixtures and fittings,’" he said. "I was gutted. I still can’t get my head around how she did this in the space of a two-week holiday.”

The site Laura used advertises it can buy your home within four weeks, for up to 90 percent of the property value, payable in cash. Laura sold the home in two weeks.

“Looking back now, I suppose Mrs. Arnold did seem unusually desperate to sell up and pretty urgently, but at the time I thought nothing of it,” a representative for the company said, reported Coventry Telegraph.

Craig does not plan to dwell on what happened, but it has influenced his future decisions.

“Last time I marry an Italian, that’s for sure,” Craig said. 

“I made a mistake and paid for it dearly,” he added.

Sources: Coventry Telegraph, / Photo credit: Coventry Telegraph

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