Wife Kicks Naked Mistress Out Of Home (Photos)


A shocked wife caught her husband cheating on her and kicked his mistress out of the apartment.

The wife reportedly came back to the couple’s home in Bangkok, where she caught her husband cheating on her with another woman.

After discovering them in bed together, the wife pushed the mistress out into the building's hallway and the husband begged her to forgive him.

“She’s not with me,” he told her, Daily Mirror reported. “It’s all a mistake.”

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The husband ultimately joined his wife in kicking out the mistress -- throwing shoes, underwear and her purse at her.

The husband tried to give the girl a blanket so she could cover her naked body, but his wife angrily grabbed it before the mistress could get it. 

The mistress claimed she didn't know he was married and that the husband paid to have sex with her. 

“You didn’t have to do this to me,” she reportedly told the wife. The wife replied by calling her “disgusting.”

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In a similar incident, a woman in Boise, Idaho, confronted her husband after she discovered he was attempting to have an affair with her best friend.

Leslie Varner was outraged when she found out her husband had been messaging her best friend, Sam, trying to get her to sleep with him. Sam invited Leslie’s husband, Cody, over to her house, with Leslie waiting inside to confront him when he arrived.

“We're trapping Cody Levi Varner cheating on me, his wife, Leslie, with my best friend, Sam,” Leslie said in a video of the incident. Cody had been unfaithful in their marriage before, she revealed.

“F------ busted. I want a divorce,” she told her husband as she confronted him at Sam’s front door.

“Who else is there?" she asks him, to which he shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, you do know. Tell me. I wanna f------ know, who else is there? How long have you been cheating on me?”

Leslie ultimately admitted that she, too, had been unfaithful with a man named Jared. Cody told his wife that cheating was the “easy way out” of their marriage.

Sources: Daily Mirror,Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mirror

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