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Women Seen Beating Alleged Mistress (Video)

Photos and video footage of a group of women beating an alleged mistress in China have surfaced on social media (video below).

The incident, which involved the wife of a man the mistress was allegedly seeing, prompted widespread commenting on Chinese social media site Weibo, according to Daily Mail.

The group of women was seen slapping the woman and trying to tear her clothes off.

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When the alleged mistress fell to the ground and began crying, one of the women was seen stamping on her head and back.

One woman did her best to intervene and stop the attack, but was unable to do so.

Others stood and watched the assault.

“Do you not recognize me?” one woman, who claimed to be the wife of the husband the alleged mistress was seeing, said at one point.

The women began recording the attack on their phones. One woman held the alleged mistress back so they could get a better recording while other members of the group carried on hitting her.

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Comments on social media took a disapproving view of the beating.

“Why is the woman to blame. Surely the man has problems and is to blame,” wrote one user.

“You should hit your man,” another suggested.

The photos and footage came to light just days after a similar incident was reported by Shanghaiist.

The video showed a woman beating her husband’s suspected mistress June 24 with the help of the woman's mother. It showed the suspected mistress being dragged out of her car before being attacked by the two women and forced to the ground.

One attacker then pulled out a pair of scissors and began cutting her hair off.

Similar feelings were expressed by online users to this attack.

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“The wife can’t just blame the mistress how about her cheating husband as well?” one user wrote, according to Shanghaiist.

“The mistress’s at fault but shame on the wife and her mother who humiliated the mistress in public. What they did was uncivilized!” commented another.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Shanghaiist / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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