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Russia's Recession Is Cause For Alarm

Russia's governmental pockets seem to have rather large holes in them, as money is getting tighter and tighter under Putin's policies.

While censored Russian media isn't covering the reality, the United States and other western leaders are coming to realize that Russia is all talk when it comes to its strength. And no matter how many times President Vladimir Putin tries to put on the tough guy act with his motorcycles and shirtless horseback riding pictures, it's all just for show.

United States leaders and officials have fed into Russian propaganda, which claims its resurgence of global power, but let's not fall into McCarthy's trap and instead, take a look at the numbers to see if communism is really winning.

Following its Ukraine infiltration, Russia suffered from American and European sanctions that have stressed its economic situation, Forbes reported.

Since 2014, Russia's rainy day bank account, known as its National Reserve, has shrunk by two-thirds, from $88 billion to $40 by the end of 2016. Yet its expenses haven't changed, The Times explains.

As a result, experts foresee the reserve fund running dry in a matter of months.

Russia's Finance Ministry has confirmed that there will be no cuts made in spending, but rather the country's welfare fund will take the hit, CNN reported.

Unrest is boiling in Russia while such careless decisions are being made.

While accurate surveys are hard to find among Russian Media, the country's "mostly-free" news source, "Dozhd TV," found that 74 percent of Russians acknowledged there is an ongoing economic problem in the county, while over 40percent admit that poverty and unemployment are also straining them.

American officials and citizens must begin to weigh the outcomes of their "enemy's" emptying piggy bank.

For one, Russia's funding of the war in Syria must eventually decrease. As of right now, The Times reported that Moscow is spending $150 million each month on Syria, helping Bashar al-Assad kill thousands of civilians.

While time passes, the reserves will empty and Russia will no longer have the ability to fund Syria and other corrupt governments.

This is something U.S. officials should take into account in the months and years to come.

Currently, President Donald Trump and his Cabinet are both highly criticized for the growing positive relationship between America's government and Putin's dictatorship.

One can only hope that Trump's inner-businessman rethinks our new relationship with Russia, and recognizes the country's outrageous faults.

Who wants a business partner who can't handle their own money? Not to mention that he uses that money to fun the murder of thousands of Syrians -- but let's not expect too much out of Trump.

Trump should do what he does best and say, "You're fired!" to our Russian "friends."

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Sources: Forbes, The Times, CNN  / Photo credit: Pixabay

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