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White ISIS Militant Promises More Attacks In Execution Video

In the latest propaganda video released by the Islamic State, the executions of five hostages are shown, as promises of further terrorist attacks are made.

In the video, a Caucasian, French-speaking militant with long blond hair, along with four other militants, are each shown shooting a prisoner in the back of the head, Al Arabiya reports.

The group’s media arm in Nineveh province, Iraq reportedly released the video.

The French-speaking militant, wearing a beige mask and military fatigues and carrying a handgun, specifically mentions Spain in the video.

The areas of Toledo and Cordoba are threatened, and Spain is warned it will “pay dearly” for ending Muslim rule of Andalusia in the 15th century. 

He says future attacks will be so great they will make the West forget 9/11 and the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

Before the men are executed in the video, they are forced to testify that they have acted against the Islamic State.

The video was released after the latest edition of the terrorist group’s Arabic newsletter, al-Naba, warned of new attacks in Britain which would “turn the hair of young children white,” according to a Site Intel translation obtained by the Independent.

The newsletter goes on to state the Paris attacks were “not the last message the soldiers of the Caliphate signed with blood,” and the group claims the UK will suffer “the lion’s share” of attacks in Europe in the future.

French Intelligence officials plan to analyze the video in an attempt to identify the masked man. In 2015, it was estimated that more than 1,500 French nationals have traveled to join the Islamic State, including at least 220 women.

Sources: Al Arabiya, Independent / Photo Source: The Daily Mail

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