Man Discovers Largest Truffle Ever (Photo)


An Australian man has discovered the largest black truffle ever recorded. 

Stuart Dunbar of Yarra Valley Truffles claims that his dog, Lani, snuffed out the large black fungus on their orchard near Melbourne. "I felt this one, and after digging a massive hole in the ground and 45 minutes later, I got it out," Dunbar told the Herald Sun. 

According to the Sun, Dunbar's truffle weighs approximately 3.3 pounds, significantly larger than the 2.8-pound truffle recorded in Bordeaux, France, in 2012, which was previously the largest on record.  

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“There’s no official record other than the one in Bordeaux but we’re not aware of anything larger," he said. 

Black truffle is the second most expensive edible fungus in the world, behind white truffle.  Dunbar normally sells his black truffles for $2.50 a gram, making this find worth over $2,000, according to the Metro. 

Dunbar claims that the truffle is even too big for most restaurants, and the chefs he regularly sells to have refused to buy it.  Dunbar has therefore decided to pickle the truffle in alcohol, and keep it as a memento.  

"It’s certainly more satisfying to be able to keep [and show] it than simply be saying, “I once had a truffle that was,” he said.

Sources: Metro, Herald Sun / Photo credit: Stuart Dunbar via Daily World News

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