Young Woman Killed For Refusing To Marry Her Cousin

Shilan, a 21-year-old bride-to-be, was shot and killed at her wedding for refusing to marry her cousin.

The victim’s father, Ghazi, a Kurdish man living in Germany for the last 18 years, is seeking justice for the shooting death of his daughter.

Ghazi shared a photo of his daughter lying face down in a pool of blood after the shooting, with the caption, “With great sadness and a bleeding heart, I announce the death of my beloved daughter Shilan.”

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According to Emirates 247, Ghazi’s brothers made the decision that his daughter should be married to one of their sons, who was on a mission in Iraq.

Shilan begged for the wedding to be stopped because she did not want to marry her own cousin.

According to the father, the murder was vengeance for her refusal to marry her cousin. He said that she was a victim of “an insidious betrayal, customs and traditions.”

“It was a crime against an innocent person,” he said.

According to Mirror, the young woman was shot in the head at the wedding.

Sources: Emirates 247Mirror / Photo credit: Mirror

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