Caregiver Caught Attacking 94-Year-Old Alzheimer's Patient (Video)


A caretaker was caught on camera attacking an elderly woman who has Alzheimer's (video below). 

Miriam Marino said she became suspicious of her mother's caretaker after a neighbor warned her of potential abuse, says Metro.  She set up a camera in her mother's apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and hit record — but she wasn't prepared for what she discovered.

In a video of the incident, the caretaker can be seen shoving, hitting and kicking Marino's mother repeatedly, and grabbing her by the hair. 

She subsequently shared the footage on social media to warn others of the woman's abusive tendencies. 

The incident was reported to local police, though no statement has been issued on the actions taken.

The incident in Argentina comes following a similar incident in July 2015, in which a nurse stripped naked and attacked an elderly patient, reports WWLP.

Watch the disturbing incident below.

Sources: Metro, WWLP / Photo credit: Metro

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