Youths Cut Off Rapist's Penis (Photo)


According to a Twitter user, a Niger rapist had his penis cut off by angry youths.

The user posted a picture of a man holding what appears to the remnants of the rapist's penis with the caption, "Rapist penis cut off by some angry village youth in Niger."

The man was reportedly caught raping a woman and was then beaten before the community mutilated him, according to Pulse.

A similar act occurred in Kenya in 2016. A farmhand abducted a secondary student in Munyu Village, Kieni, Nyeri County, on her way to school and raped her, Pulse reported. When the girl arrived home, she told her mother what had happened.

The mother then alerted the youths in the village and they sought out the man. Once caught, they beat him and then cut off his penis. Police arrived at the scene and took the man for medical treatment.

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It is possible to repair and replace a penis. If the penis is still intact, reconnection is possible with a delicate and time-consuming surgery, according to the Los Angeles Times. If the penis is mostly lost, then tissue from elsewhere on the body can be used to reconstruct the organ.

"You can make something that looks life a penis somewhat, you can have intercourse, but it's not your own penis," Dr. Gary Alter of UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine said. "Nobody is thrilled because it is not their own penis. The only people who are thrilled are transsexuals who never had one before."

The most common places tissue is reportedly taken from for reconstruction include the arm, back, or lower leg. The tissue is formed around an artificial ureter made from skin, of which nerves and blood vessels are attached.

The first reattachment of a penis occurred in 1977 at Massachusetts General Hospital when a mentally disturbed man cut his own penis off with a straight razor because of the guilt he felt for his sexual behavior.

A penis transplant is also an option, and a 9-month-old boy in Niger who had his penis cut off by his jealous step-mother will receive one.

“When the boy reaches puberty and when blood has started flowing through his penis, a transplant will be carried out; the transplant will be carried out either in Nigeria or abroad," Mr. Suleiman Makusidi, head of the medical unit of the state Child Rights Protection Agency, told the News Agency of Nigeria, according to the Daily Trust.

The state government is looking into bringing medical experts to Nigeria to perform the transplant, but if that is not possible, other options like South Africa and the United States will be considered.

“We are hoping that the transplant will be successful and that it will help his reproductive system because his testicles were cut off alongside his penis; only one testicle was left,” Mukusidi said.

After the transplant, Mukusidi said that the boy will be able to effectively use his penis.

Sources: Pulse (2), One Life/Twitter, Los Angeles Times, Daily Trust / Photo credit: Randall Chancellor/Flickr, One Life/Twitter

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