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Family Dog Saves 5-Year-Old Who Was Caught In Dryer (Photos)

A couple from Ireland says their pet dog saved their 5-year-old son's life after he got stuck in a dryer.

Riley Duffy, who was born with Down syndrome, had wandered off on his own and climbed inside the dryer. When the door closed behind him, the dryer automatically started.

"It's just the way Riley is, he tends to take himself off and find a wee corner if he wants to get away from it all," Riley's father Aaron told the BBC. "Yesterday, he decided the tumble dryer was where he wanted to go."

Riley's mother was vacuuming at the time of the incident, which occurred Nov. 13. She knew something was wrong when the family dog, Teddy, started barking.

"Only for our dog going nuts and notifying my wife by running up and down barking, my wife knew that there was something up and went down," Aaron said.

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When Riley's mother realized what was happening, she sprang into action.

"My wife pulled him out and started putting cold water on top of him," Aaron explained to the Belfast Telegraph. "I was through the door within minutes [and] stripped him and put him in the cold shower. The ambulance [was] called and [was] here within minutes."

Riley was then taken to a local hospital where he received treatment for burns and bruises to his arms, back and head. His condition was described by a hospital staff member as "comfortable."

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One of the ambulance drivers reportedly told Aaron that Riley would probably have suffocated to death within five minutes if he wasn't pulled out of the dryer. In view of this, it appears that Teddy the dog saved Riley's life.

"If the dog hadn't alerted my wife, had he gone another two minutes, three minutes, more than likely he would have been dead," Aaron told the BBC.

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"Teddy's going to get a [filet] steak tonight, I can guarantee that," Aaron added.

This isn't the first time Teddy has helped his family avert disaster. He came to the rescue previously when he alerted them to the fact that an iPhone charger had caught on fire.

Sources: BBC, Belfast Telegraph / Photo credit: Duffy family via ITV

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