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Frozen Fox On Display

The cold weather around the Danube river in Germany literally froze one fox to death.

Hunter Franz Stehle says he stumbled upon the frozen fox trapped inside a block of ice, Gizmodo reports.

It is believed the fox may have fallen inside the river before drowning and freezing inside the ice block, the BBC reports.

After removing the fox from the block, Stehle decided to make a public display of it. The fox now resides in front of his family's hotel, serving as a reminder of just how dangerously cold the area has been.

"The ice fox is perhaps a warning to those who want to go on the ice of the frozen Danube," he added, RT reports.

Stehle added that this isn't the first animal to be frozen like this, either. He has also said deer and boars have been found in similar condition. 

The picture of the fox has since gone viral on social media, inspiring the hashtag #BestCarcass, with fascinated users posting pictures of unusual animal deaths.

They range from a dead moose still standing on a lake to various other animals like zebras and penguins.

"If you don't mind seeing the darker side of nature, the #BestCarcass hashtag is bringing up some amazing stuff, check it out! #scicomm," wrote one user on Twitter.

Yet while many find the photo entertaining, the frozen fox reflects the brutally cold winter all of Europe has been facing this season.

Over sixty people in Europe have died this season due to the unusually cold temperatures, The Independent reports. 

Many of those are the weak and vulnerable, like the homeless and the elderly. 

The cold has hit as far south as Greece, which is normally relatively warm. It now houses many Syrian refugees who were living in tents outside while it snowed.

“We denounce the inhuman living conditions refugees on Lesbos are facing,” an association of public hospital doctors said. “They are living in mud and snow, cramped together in unsuitable tents ... and lighting fires inside them to stay warm.” 

Sources: GizmodoBBC, The Independent, RTTwitter/#BestCarcass / Photo credit: Johannes Stehle/ via RT 

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