Rapist Caught In the Act Of Molesting Girls (Video)


Intense footage of a child rapist being beaten nearly to death went viral (video below).

In the clip, a child rapist can be seen sitting in a van along with two young girls who he was allegedly attempting to molest moments earlier. A group of men approach the rapist as the girls in the van begin to scream in terror.

The men appear to demand that the rapist hand the children over, which he resists. One of the men approaches the vehicle, prompting the rapist to move quickly toward the driver's side. One of the girls is taken out of the vehicle at this point.

The video then cuts to a later time. The rapist can be seen writhing in pain as he lies in a pool of his own blood.

The video quickly went viral, with viewers on FlyHeight saying the beating wasn't enough of a punishment for his attempted molestation.

"Getting beaten isn't enough damage to a man whom hurts a child's innocence. Chopping off his nut sack would have been a better and sustainable method," one viewer wrote. "This way, he will always remember what he did.

"Now lock him in a cage for a week then beat him to near death again & repeat this cycle until he dies," another commented.

In a similar incident in South Carolina, a man was severely beaten after reportedly raping his nephew's girlfriend on New Year's Eve 2015. 52-year-old William Mattson was charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree.

Mattson's mugshot, which showed him so badly beaten that his eyes were nearly swollen shut, went viral after the story began circulating online. Myrtle Beach Online reported that Mattson's nephew was also charged with assault and domestic violence for attacking his uncle after catching him in the act.

Sources: FlyHeight, USA/YouTube, Myrtle Beach Online / Photo credit: Mad World News

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