'Go Back' Painted On Muslim Man's Home


A Canadian Muslim man has been the victim of suspected hate crimes. Somebody spray painted the words "go back" on his garage door April 6, and set fire to vehicles April 10.

“Somebody was at the door and my daughter woke me up saying, ‘somebody’s at the door ringing the doorbell.’ So we went outside and our Fire Chief Kevin from Kitscoty was there telling me, ‘Your trucks are on fire and they’re gone,” said Abdul Mian, talking about an incident that occurred April 10, Global News reports.

Mian, who works for Homeland Oilfield Services Ltd.,added that his family heavily depended on the trucks for their livelihood. At least one was confirmed to be burned to the ground.

It is unclear whether or not the incidents are related, but Mian says he is now worried about his family’s safety.

“We’re lost. We’re still in shock. We still think it didn’t happen,” he said.

Yet despite the hate messages, he refuses to see this attack as representative of all Canadians.

“This is not an act of a true Canadian. We have never felt any kind of racism around us. This is a small, peaceful loving community,” he said on Facebook, adding that “It is a blessing to be a Canadian.”

Although the family is upset, they are also touched by the local community’s response.  A Facebook post by Mian reads:

This is real Canada. People have called us to help watching our house so we can sleep, we have been offered food, accommodation and all kind of help and support from Kitscoty and surrounded community. Kitscoty School staff and students have also filled our hearts with love, care and respect during this hardship. We would also like to thank our Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for all the support. And a special thanks to Larson Management and their staff. We don't have words to thank everyone.

He added a photo of a personal note by the Kitscoty Elementary School with the post.

“During storms, the members of our community help each other to be strong. Kitscoty Elementary School stands with the Mian family and their friends,” the school wrote.

They ended with the quote, “We are all connected. We know because our hearts tell us so.”

Sources: Global News, Shahzad Mian (Abdul's Facebook Page Under His Nickname)/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook

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