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Dad's Hilarious Response To School Goes Viral (Photos)

A U.K. father had a hilarious response to his son’s school when they inquired about the teen's absence.

Simon Morgan, 43, took his wife Claire and his 15-year-old son James on a last minute vacation to Dubai on March 3, causing the teen to miss two days of school, reports.

Simon received a text message from his son’s school asking for an explanation for James' absence.

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“James Morgan was absent from AM registration,” the text read, according to “Please can you TEXT a reply with the reason for this absence. Thanks Stanwell School.”

Rather than sending an explanation, the father, who has a reputation at the school for being a bit of a prankster, simply sent a photo of his son on the beach in Dubai in front of the Burj Al’arab hotel.

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The exchange is not the first of its kind from Simon. The father has replied to the school in many different ways, always looking to get a laugh.

“Oh dear… We took James out last night to celebrate the end of his GCSE exams,” Simon once wrote to the school in response to an absence inquiry in May 2015. “We had a couple of cocktails… Not sure what happened next but I’ve woken up in a hotel room with a six foot plastic flamingo in my bed and what looks like Mike Tyson’s tiger in the corner of the room.”

In another incident, Simon told the school that James was absent because they were at Disney World.

"Just kidding," he added in that text, " ... James was feeling sick today. In tomorrow."

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James said his father has developed quite a reputation with his teachers and classmates.

“Everyone takes it in good humor,” James told “One of the teachers even high fives me once when they heard about his latest prank.”

"I would say I am a fun but firm dad," Simon said. "I can be quite strict but James is a very good lad, he's very caring and hard-working so I don't mind having a laugh to entertain him or spoiling him occassionally."

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