Woman Forces Mugger To Strip Naked In Public (Video)


A woman in Colombia humiliated a man who allegedly tried to mug her by chasing him down and forcing him to strip naked in the street (video below).

A cell phone video of the incident, which took place in the Colombian capital of Bogota, was uploaded to LiveLeak, the Daily Mail reports. The young man had reportedly attempted to rob the woman at knife-point.

In the four-minute video clip, the woman can be seen grabbing the mugger by the hair and shouting in his face in Spanish. She then searches his pockets and orders him onto his knees as curious passersby crowd around to watch.

The young man appears to plead with his would-be victim, who forcibly removes his shirt and demands that he take off his pants, shoes, socks and underwear, which he reluctantly does.

She kicks and punches him a few times before he runs off down the street naked, chased by a small dog.

A loud siren can be heard throughout the video, which according to LiveLeak is used to inform the neighborhood when a crime is being committed.

Sources: Daily Mail, Monsters & Critics / Photo Credit: Monsters & Critics, KINGBANG/YouTube

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