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Man Beaten Up For Having Sex Too Loudly In Hotel (Video)

Video footage of a man assaulting another man for having sex too loudly in the hotel room next to his has surfaced online (video below).

The suspect was identified as local businessman Zhang, the Daily Mail reported. He was staying at a hotel in the city of Beihai, China, with a group of colleagues on Oct. 13.

Zhang and his group had a meeting the following morning. They were awoken by a couple having sex loudly next door, local media reported.

In footage captured by surveillance cameras, Zhang is seen in the hallway of the hotel knocking on the neighbor’s door. More of Zhang’s colleagues gathered in the hallway while the two reportedly exchanged words through the door. Zhang then kicked down the hotel room door and threw an ash tray at the man.

Ten minutes later, Zhang was seen dragging the man out of his room and into the hotel lobby. Surveillance cameras showed Zhang punching and kicking the man before the fight is broken up by an unidentified female and Zhang’s colleagues.

The neighbor was identified as Lei Mou. 

Police were called to the hotel. Zhang admitted to overreacting and agreed to pay a $2,225 settlement to cover medical expenses, WXRW 123 reported. Mou suffered minor injuries to his shoulder and arm.

Sources: Daily Mail, WXRW 123 (translated) / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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