Men Rescue Goat From Power Line (Video)


Bizarre footage surfaced of a group of men in Sykourio, Greece, rescuing a goat from a power line (video below).

In the clip, the goat can be seen hanging by its horns several feet above a hill, keeping calm as it dangled from the power line, says Huffington Post. The men quickly grab a ladder and prop it up to a nearby tree, before one of them climbs onto it and ties a rope around the goat's leg.

The man throws the other end of the rope down to a friend, who then pulls the goat close to the ground.

The men release the goat's horns from the power line and it trots away unfazed, likely returning to its herd.

The reason why the goat ended up stuck in the power line has yet to be determined. The goat was reportedly unharmed in the incident.

In a similar incident in Tennessee, a woman accidentally drove her car up a power line, causing her to become stuck for two hours as rescue workers attempted to free her.

"It appeared that she veered off the side of the road and she hit the guide wire and run up the guide wire to the top of the pole," Medina Fire Chief Jeff Rollins told WBBJ.

"We had to call the power company [...] because the pole that she was hanging from was connected to a high voltage power line."

The power company reportedly feared that if one of the lines broke during the ordeal, the car would have fallen with the woman inside and the entire affected area would have lost power. The woman was finally rescued from her car after two hours stuck inside as it hung from the power line.

Neighbor Jeff Wilson said that drivers often lose control of their vehicles in the area near the power lines and end up in a ditch or crashing into a gate by his home.

Watch the goat rescue below.

Sources: Huffington Post, Kynoclub/YouTube, WBBJ / Photo credit: Screenshot via The Dodo

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