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Boy With No Arms And Legs Told To Prove Disability To Keep Government Benefits (Photos)

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A teen with no arms or legs was told he had to "prove" his disability in order to receive government benefits.

British teen Edward Bright lost his arms and legs to meningitis at the age of 7, and his family soon began receiving $555 a month from the government on his behalf, says Mirror.

After recently turning 16, the wheelchair-bound teen had to reclaim benefits, but he was told he'd need to have a face-to-face meeting to prove his disability or else he'd lose the benefits.

"It’s­ absolutely disgusting. He’s a quad amputee for God’s sake," Bright's father, Steve, said. "It isn’t like he’s going to get better. He isn’t going to suddenly grow new arms and legs. We were shocked to be asked to attend the meeting. They know full well the extent of his disabilities. They have no hearts.”

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The Department for Work and Pensions reportedly demanded that Bright attend the meeting, even giving him directions on how to walk to the office when he got to Derby, where the department is located, according to Metro. No money has been in Bright's account since January.

The department subsequently released a statement admitting a mistake, and saying that Bright would no longer need to attend an assessment. 

"In this instance a paper-based assessment has been completed and there is no need for a face-to-face assessment," the statement read.

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Bright had his limbs amputated as a child after becoming ill with meningitis. 

Sources: Daily Mirror, Metro / Photo credit: Daily Mirror

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