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Fishermen Make Startling Discovery Inside Dead Shark

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A group of Taiwanese fishermen saved 68 unborn baby sharks by removing them from the wombs of their dead mothers.  

The Daily Mail reports that two pregnant tiger sharks were caught in fishing nets in Changbin Township, Taiwan, on back-to-back days.  Fishermen there quickly noticed that the sharks were pregnant and managed to slice open their wombs and remove 75 baby tiger sharks. 

The pups were sent to the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center, where they were kept under observation.  

Unfortunately, 7 of the pups died, as they had not yet come to full term inside their mother's womb.  However, 68 of the baby pups did survive and are reportedly swimming in a pool, eating squid and prawns.  

According to National Geographic, tiger sharks are a carnivorous type of fish that can live up to 50 years and weigh anywhere from 850 to 1,400 pounds.  

Tiger sharks are popular in both tropical and sub-tropical waters and are heavily harvested for their fins, skin, and flesh.  They have extremely low repopulation rates and are therefore highly susceptible to fishing pressure.  

It is currently birthing season for tiger sharks, which means they swim closer to the shore, putting them more at risk of getting caught up in fishing nets.  

Baby tiger sharks are around three feet at birth, and completely independent from their parents. 

Sources: Daily Mail, National Geographic / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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