Russian Teen Wins Contest To Live With Porn Star For A Month


A Russian teen won a contest that has afforded him the opportunity to live with a porn star for a month.

Rusian Schedrin, 16, was thrilled about winning the contest, saying that he's "boiling inside" about the opportunity, according to Daily Mail. Rusian's mother, however, wasn't so thrilled.

"Such a prize, how could they get such an idea for a 16 year old boy. I am shocked. I have not seen the girl. But my son must study," the boy's mother said, notes Mirror.

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The official rules of the contest stated that the prize can be passed on to an "official representative" — in Rusian's case, his father. His mother said "absolutely not" to the idea.

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Ekaterina Makarova, the porn star involved in the contest, said she hasn't decided whether or not she'll have sex with Rusian.

"It is a usual thing when inexperienced boys are looking for more experienced girlfriends. I don't know. At least we'll be friends. I liked him in the photos," she said.

"If he is not comfortable about a hotel, he can stay at home. He has to decide."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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