British Mother 'Absolutely Disgusted' To Find Screw In Her Baby's Diaper (Photos)


A British mother is outraged after finding a screw inside of her baby’s diaper.

Tamara Dennis, 22, was changing her 4-month-old son’s diaper when he suddenly began screaming and crying in pain.

Dennis said she was “absolutely disgusted” when she discovered that the source of her son’s pain was a screw, two centimeters long, on the inside of the diaper.

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“I could not believe it, I was in shock,” Dennis told Mirror Online. “I think it’s awful and very unsafe. All I could think was that if it had gone through the fabric of the nappy and pierced his skin - the puncture wound could have caused a serious injury or infection,” reported New York Daily News.

The mother said the screw was “extremely close to his bottom” and that if it had punctured her son he “could have needed an operation to remove it.”

Tamara Dennis is urging parents to boycott Pampers and has called for Pampers to recall the batch of diapers to ensure there were no other dangerous mistakes made.

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Pampers responded to the incident, saying that they are “taking the matter very seriously.”

“I would like to assure the readers that the safety of babies is our top priority and we have confirmed the little boy was not harmed,” a spokesman for Pampers said in a statement, adding that they have “strict quality controls in place.”

The company says they are investigating how a screw made its way into one of their diapers.

Sources: MirrorNY Daily News / Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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