Man Wears All His Clothes To Avoid Airline Fees


A British man avoided the extra fees discount airline EasyJet charges for additional luggage by emptying his bag and wearing all of his clothes.

Matt Botten, 32, and his girlfriend Abigail White, 31, were flying from Gatwick Airport near London to Iceland when Botten learned of the extra $64 fee, Metro reports.

But instead of paying, he simply unpacked and put on all the clothes.

“We’re going to Iceland baby!” Botten wrote on Facebook. “And how to do it in a financially frugal manner, without having to stump up forty five bloody quid for a hold bag? Simply by wearing EVERYTHING I OWN.”

While the extra clothes -- ranging from shirts to shoes -- prompted security to ask additional questions, he managed to successfully board the flight with his girlfriend.

While the idea might seem like a good one, passengers are advised to take heed of what happened to James McElvar, 19, from Scottish boy band Rewind in July 2015.

McElvar lost consciousness after wearing 12 layers of clothing to avoid the additional charges, the Daily Mail reports.

“The woman told me either one of my bags went in the hold or we weren't getting on,” McElvar said. “The rest of the band had gone through so I couldn't give them any of my clothes.”

“I felt it was my only option to put on everything,” he added. “It was impossible to walk, I could barely get on the plane. I wanted to take them all off as soon as I got to my seat -- beside which was a spare seat that I could have sat one of my bags on -- but was told I had to wait until we were up in the air.”

By the time he was on the airplane, he was sweating profusely, feeling lightheaded and began vomiting before eventually fainting.

An off-duty paramedic was on the flight and treated him.

McElvar called the experience a “nightmare.”

“I knew something was wrong early on as I just couldn't breathe properly. I thought I was having a heart attack,” he said. “It was a nightmare. I passed out twice and was taken off the plane at Glasgow Airport to a waiting ambulance.”

Sources: Metro, Matt Botten/Facebook, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Mercury via Metro

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