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What Virtual Reality Sex In Looks Like In Japan (Video)

An unidentified young man was recently filmed experiencing virtual reality (VR) sex while clothed with a blow-up doll at the Oculus Festival in Japan (video below).

The guy in the video is wearing a VR headset on his head while he experiences a momentary relationship with the sex toy, which is partially dressed.

However, while viewing the doll via the VR demo, the man is likely seeing a different female partner.

A link to the video was originally posted on the Japanese forum, which described it as "too awful," notes

The Oculus Festival celebrates the Oculus Rift, a VR device owned by Facebook, which has not been released yet, noted Newsweek. Oculus Rift will not carry sexually-oriented content, but rather games.


Sources:, 2ch.netNewsweek / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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