Video Of Young Kids Twerking Sparks Outrage (Video)


A video (below) of young Cuban children dancing provocatively and twerking in their school uniforms is sparking outrage and controversy after being shared online.

The footage comes from the city of Camaguey, Cuba, Daily Mail reports.

In the video, two girls can be seen dancing provocatively with two boys in their classroom. The children seem to be replicating dance moves seen in music videos and on television, including grinding and twerking on each other. The ages of the children involved are unknown.

What is perhaps just as shocking as the footage itself is the fact that the video was filmed and uploaded by the father of one of the boys in the video, Jorge Luis Perez. Perez said his son was just "showing off his moves," according to Daily Mail.

The video was originally uploaded to Facebook but has since been removed; several other uploads are still circulating.

Social media users were outraged by the footage.

"Already we have gone back to brothels and prostitution in Cuba in this age - wow," Facebook user Ricardo Hernandez wrote. "Where are the parents and the school principal and what moral principals are they teaching in that school? The school is trash."

"Don't blame the teachers," user Rosa Telon said. "Where are the parents of those kids what a shame. That is why the world like this. Because of the parents of these kids."

What the footage above.

Sources: Daily MailCEN/Daily Mail via YouTube / Photo Credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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