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Welshman Secretly Leaves $4,000 To His Best Friends To Use For A Holiday

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A Welshman who passed away from cancer gave seven of his best friends the surprise of a lifetime when he left them money to go on a trip together.

Roger Brown, 67, had been a regular at the Vivian Arms Pub in Swansea where he formed a close friendship with the group of men over 40 years.

After his death, he left them $4,000 to be spent on a vacation.

The retired engineer would regularly meet up with the men for trips and activities in their time together.

The seven men — Bob Beynon, Ernie Macey, Gerallt Davies, John Harries, Roger Rees, Roy Thomas and Peter Pelosi — told reporters that Brown was on their minds as they went on their holiday to Berlin.

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Rees told the BBC that Brown’s sister had made mention of a project for the group that he had been working on before his death. However, Rees just assumed that it would be a round of drinks.

“About three or four days later,” Rees said, “Roger’s son rang me up. I thought he was joking. It took me a long time to get into my head that he was serious.

"The proviso being we all go to a European city for a weekend to spend his bequest," he added.

Though the group talked at length about the logistics of coordinating everyone’s schedule to attend the trip, they decided upon a weekend holiday to Berlin.

“We got a hop-on hop-off bus,” Rees described. “It takes 2-and-a-half hours to do the circuit but you can get out wherever you like. At every historic site there was a bar.”

During their trip, they would always find time to remember their friend who had provided them with the opportunity to travel.

“Every bar we went to,” Rees said, “we had a drink and we raised our glasses to him — and we went to a lot of bars.”

Source: Wales Online, BBC

Photo Credit: BBC


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