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Watch What Happens When Christian Man Wears Cross In Israel (Video)

What is life like for a Christian living in Israel?

Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest and founder of the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum and Christian Empowerment Council in Israel, aims to answer this question, according to Arutz Sheva.

Inspired by an Israeli journalist, who filmed himself walking through different parts of Paris wearing a kippah and prayer tassels to see how safe the French capital truly is for Jews, Naddaf enlisted the help of Jonathan Elkhoury — an Israeli Christian from Lebanon.

Watch what happens when Elkhoury was asked to wear a cross and walk the streets of Haifa in Israel:

In contrast to the video of Israeli Jewish journalist Tzvika Klein walking through Paris, which has since gone viral for the anger, hate and hostility he claimed to experience, Elkhoury says he did not experience any negative reactions during his stroll.

Elkhoury, who moved to Israel from Lebanon eight years ago, says being a Christian has never provoked a hostile reaction from the Jewish people.

Father Naddaf hopes this video, created as part of a campaign for “apartheid week,” will eventually go viral to bring attention to Israel, “The only safe place in the Middle East. For everyone.”

Sources: Arutz Sheva, CNN / Photo Credit: Christian Empowerment Council (CEC Israel)/YouTube


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