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Watch The Insane Moment One Islamic State Group Suicide Bomber's Car Explodes In Mid-Air (Video)

Incredible viral footage (below) shows the moment an Islamic State group suicide bomber’s car was sent flying into the air after a bomb detonated on the ground, and as it hovered in the sky, it suddenly exploded itself.

Reports say Islamic State group members were attempting to launch an attack on Kurdish peshmerga forces near Kirkuk in northern Iraq when a car hit a roadside bomb.

The vehicle was quickly launched at least 100 feet into the air, and just as gravity is about to take it back down to the ground, what could either be a bomb inside or the car’s fuel tank suddenly explodes in mid-air.

The video went viral online and many commenters appear to be satisfied by the failed attack by the terrorist group.

“Nice to see him blown to kingdom come,” one commenter wrote. “More of this please.”

“ISIS is clearly starting its own space program,” another quipped.

“Fireworks get better and better every year,” wrote a YouTube commenter.

Check out the insane clip below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror

Photo Source: Screen Capture Via Daily Mail


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