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Was Soccer Player Suspended For Wearing Shirt Supporting Victims Of Paris Attacks? (Video)

Lotfi Dif, a soccer player for Algeria’s second division club CA Batna, was recently suspended for wearing a shirt that may have supported the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks from Nov. 13 (video below).

After Dif scored a goal, he lifted up his jersey to reveal a shirt underneath that stated, “Ici C Paris,” which means “Here, this is Paris,” as many players have done in the past, notes

However, one of Dif's teammates appeared to angrily pull Dif's jersey back over the shirt.

Dif was subsequently fined $2,180 and suspended, but, in a twist, denied having any support for France.

Dif told the French newspaper Le Parisian, according to

"I did not realize what was written on my shirt, I’m a fan of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paris Saint-Germain. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with politics. I only did what Ibrahimovic does.

"I am in solidarity with neither France nor anything else. I have nothing in common with them and what happened out there doesn’t concern me even remotely. It’s just because I like Zlatan."

Ibrahimovic is a player for the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team.

Farid Nezzar, head of CA Batna, told Le Parisien that Dif participated in “inappropriate behavior,” and added, “Even if he says he is a supporter of Paris Saint-Germain, he is primarily a player of CA Batna,” reports

After scolding his own player, Nezzar asked soccer fans to “give a little leniency with [Dif]."

"We should not put too much pressure on him because he is a young player and I do not think he will commit another error such as this," he added.

Sources:,, Le Parisien / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

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