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Peruvian Community Divided Over The Cause Of Two-Headed Calf (Photo)

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A two-headed calf recently born in Peru has polarized villagers, who believe it’s either a good or bad omen from God.

The calf was born in Vista Alegre, an area in the northwestern Cajamarca region. While some villagers believe the animal was sent by God to warn of the evils in the world, others have suggested that it’s a mythical birth, according to

A third group believes that the calf’s deformation is a result of environmental pollution caused by mining in the area.

“It was a very difficult birth,” Clodomiro Becerra, a villager, said, according to the Daily Mail. “We had to force it because it had two heads.”

Sadly, the animal is unable to feed itself because the weight of both heads makes them too heavy to lift. Both heads are fully formed, which means the calf has two sets of eyes, two mouths and two noses.

The animal is currently being fed milk from a bottle by farmer Edward Villegas Rubio.

Rolando Ballena Chumioque, a veterinarian and official of the Agricultural Agency, has insisted that the birth defect is likely the result of antibiotics used during the gestation period. Chumioque added that the second head could also be a congenital defect that occurred during the pregnancy.

Chumioque reported that it’s unlikely the calf will live very long. 

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Sources: DailyMail, Mirror

Photo Credit: The Albertine Post via DailyMail


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