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5-Year-Old Vietnamese Girl Finds Beloved Dog Being Served At Food Stall (Photo)


Losing a pet would be a tragedy for any child. Finding that pet cooked and served by a street food vendor is another sadness entirely.

That is exactly what happened to one girl in Vietnam when she discovered her missing dog being sold ready-to-eat by a vendor, the People's Daily Online reports.

The girl had been living in the northern Vietnamese countryside when she adopted a dog she named Flower. For three years, she raised and cared for the animal until one day Flower went missing.

The 5-year-old girl searched for her beloved dog but could not find Flower anywhere, according to the Daily Mail.

That is, until a few days later when she was walking by a dog meat stall and discovered the sickening truth.

"That's Flower," she cried as she rushed over to her dog, roasted and served at the stall.  

As she cried over the dog's cooked body, somebody snapped a photo of the heartbroken girl.

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After posting the photo on social media, the image quickly went viral, spurring an international appeal to ban the consumption of dog meat.

Despite the perceived cruelty by the Western world, dog meat is still considered a delicacy in some Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Korea, and China. 

An English documentary crew documented the dog meat trade in Vietnam recently, showing that seven tons of live dogs are shipped to Hanoi each day. One slaughterhouse owner even told the camera crew that he kills up to 30 dogs a day. 

The reality is truly startling to those unfamiliar with it, with some dogs even stolen from porches and family homes at night.

Source: The Daily Mail 

Photo Credit:The Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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