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You'll Never Believe What This Woman Did When She Caught Her Husband Cheating On Her (Video)

A video has appeared online showing a Peruvian woman whipping her husband in public because he was allegedly having an affair with a mistress (video below).

Suzana Vasquez, from Cajamarca in northwest Peru, suspected Jaime Zambrano of cheating on her, Daily Mail reported.

So when Zambrano said he was going to meet friends, she followed him and spied him entering a local hotel holding hands with another woman.

Vasquez found a security guard, and together they reportedly managed to convince Zambrano to accompany Vasquez to a coffee shop for a chat.

However, when she arrived at the coffee shop with Zambrano, Vasquez could not control her rage.

She pulled out a whip and can be seen in the video attacking her husband with it.

“You've betrayed your mum. You've betrayed your children and me. I told you I'll find and punish you,” she shouts at him during the attack.

“My children have nothing to eat and you go off and spend our money on this,” she adds.

An onlooker eventually intervenes to try and calm Vasquez down.

Vasquez is awaiting to see if she will face assault charges, with the police saying they have yet to reach a decision.

This isn't the first time a cheating husband has been publicly punished for his alleged actions.

In October, a Chinese woman made headlines for smashing her husband's BMW with a hammer for 20 minutes straight, The Daily Caller reported at the time. The woman had allegedly caught her husband in the car with another woman.

Source: Daily Mail, The Daily Caller / Photo credit: Screenshot/Daily Mail


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