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Report: Venomous Viper Killed By 17-Month-Old Toddler


A 17-month-old Brazilian toddler reportedly bit and killed a venomous viper snake.

The boy, Lorenzo, ran into the house after playing outside his house in Mostardas in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state on Nov. 1, reports RT. The toddler’s mother, Jaine Figueira, was shocked to find a snake in his mouth.

With her son covered in blood, Figueira called for her husband, Lucier de Souza, and the two rushed their son to the hospital. They brought along the dead viper, and soon discovered it to be the deadly jararaca snake.

The jararaca lives in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, and its bite can be fatal and include symptoms like hemorrhage and kidney failure, reports Mad World News.

Luckily, that wasn't the case for Lorenzo. Instead, Lorenzo ended up killing the snake.

"He bit the young jararaca close to its head, which immobilized it and prevented it from biting him,” Dr. Gilmar Carteri said.”The boy was very shaken up — I think it was a self-defense instinct that kicked in, or he thought it was a toy.”

Sources: Mad World News, RT / Photo credit: Mad World News 


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