Vegan Says She Was Denied Catering Job Because She Refused To Wear Leather Shoes


British woman and vegan Dominika Piasecka, 21, was reportedly denied a catering job because she refused to wear leather shoes. The catering company in question, however, has denied her accusation.

Piasecka said she went through several interview stages to become a part time catering assistant at the University of Salford’s Media City campus, Manchester Evening News reports. However, her hiring process came to a halt when she discovered she had to wear leather shoes on the job.

Piasecka said she felt insulted by the uniform policy, especially since the company, a catering company called Chartwells, allegedly refused to consider alternatives.

“Everything was going really well until they brought out the uniform which contained leather shoes,” Piasecka said. “I politely said I was vegan and that I couldn’t wear dead animals on my feet.”

Piasecka noted that she understands the company’s concerns over health and safety. However, she owns protective shoes that she has worn for catering jobs in the past.

“My manager [at the other job] does not have a problem so I don’t see why it is a problem at the university,” Piasecka told the Manchester Evening News.

Piasecka argued that the company needs to change its policy.

However, a spokesperson for Chartwells later confirmed that the company does offer alternatives to leather shoes when an employee requests them. The spokeswoman added that Piasecka was offered the job but turned it down, presumably due to the "general meat-handling required" of empoyees.

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Sources: Manchester Evening News, ITV News

Photo Credit: MEN Syndication


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