Vegan Activists Protest Inside Steakhouse, Ask If Dog Meat Is On Menu (Video)


Direct Action Everywhere Toronto, a vegan activist group, protested inside the Keg Mansion steakhouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, last week (video below).

The demonstration began when a female activist asked the steakhouse hostess if they served dog meat because of the other animal meat on the menu, notes The Huffington Post.

Moments later, more protesters entered the restaurant carrying signs that said: "It's not food. It's violence," and chanting about animal cruelty.

Police arrived at the steakhouse after the protesters were politely told to leave by the steakhouse staff. The activists continued their demonstration outside the restaurant.

Jenny McQueen, one of the protesters, told VICE:

We're trying to cause a little disruption in society. Society normalizes violence against animals, unknowingly a lot of the time. People eat meat, buy meat from the supermarket. They don't realize what they're eating or what they're buying was a thinking and feeling animal. You know, pigs feel pain just like cats and dogs.

McQueen said there were 25-30 non-violent protesters in the steakhouse, and one vegan customer thanked them.

McQueen also asked people to try to give up some of the meat in their diets:

People can do something on an individual basis, they can reduce the amount of meat they eat in their diet. If they're not willing to go vegan completely—obviously that's what we'd like—people can do it in baby steps. Cut out chicken from the diet. Chicken is the most abused animal on the planet. Go for the Meatless Monday.

Sources: The Huffington Post, VICE / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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