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US Officer Tries To Bully Doorman In UK, Fails (Video)

A man who identified himself as a U.S. law enforcement officer tried to get into a club through a side door in Sheffield, England, on New Year's Day, but the doorman refused him entrance (video below).

In a video of the incident, the doorman directs the cop to go to the front of the club, but the officer insists that he is on "official business," notes Photography Is Not A Crime.

"Doesn’t matter," the doorman tells the officer. "Go that way and through the front."

"I have a table inside," says the officer, who is wearing a masquerade mask on his head.

The doorman tells the cop again to go through the front entrance.

The officer replies: "Call your manager."

The doorman refuses, and the cop says: "You work for the manager, call the manager."

The doorman refuses, the cop tells him to call the manager again, and the doorman refuses again.

The officer asks the doorman to state his name, but the doorman replies: "It doesn't matter what my name is."

The cop requests the doorman's name again, but the doorman refuses.

The doorman asks the cop for his "warrant card," which is a police ID; the cop flashes his badge.

"What the f*** is that?" the doorman states. "U.S. corrections? Don't talk s***. Go to the front, simple as that. You're not a police officer."

The cop insists he is, but the doorman says, "You're a police officer, U.S. That means you have no jurisdiction in this country."

The officer insists that he works with Interpol, an organization that assists in police cooperation between countries.

"Yeah, whatever, whatever, sir," the doorman tells the cop. "Go to the front and if they want to let you in, they’ll let you in."

The cop then pulls out his cell phone, takes a picture of the doorman and warns him: "You’re going to get fired, brother."

The doorman blows him off yet again: "Whatever, whatever."

HJ Investigations, which posted the video on YouTube, summed up the situation: "Now this is either a real USA corrections police officer and if so then abusing his authority with a British citizen in Sheffield, U.K. on New Year's Day 2017, or a con man with a fake warrant card which is an offense in law within the U.K. So either way he is in trouble."

Sources: Photography Is Not A CrimeHJ Investigations/YouTube / Photo Credit: HJ Investigations/YouTube

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