Japanese Skating Rink Apologizes For Frozen Fish Display (Photos)

A Japanese skating rink has come under fire after freezing 5,000 dead fish into its ice as an attraction for visitors.  

The Daily Mail reports that the rink has been forced to close after a barrage of criticism online, with one user labeling their new attraction "sinful."  

Space World Amusement Park, the owner and operator of the rink, froze 5,000 dead fish under the surface of the ice as a decorative attraction for customers who went skating.  The fish were arranged to form the word "hello" with an arrow.  

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But the concept was derided as being unethical.  “We received critical voices saying it is not good to use creatures as a toy and that it is bad to let food go to waste,” said Koji Shibata, Space World spokesman.  Shibata added that the fish were already dead when they were frozen beneath the ice. 

But social media erupted, anyway.

According to CNN, Space World advertised the attraction as a "world first," and posted images of the fish on its Facebook page with captions including "I am d... d... drowning, s ... s... suffocating."

After the criticism, Space World has decided to melt the rink and hold a memorial service for the fish, according to the company.  

Toshimi Takeda, general manager of Space World, said the intention was for customers to have fun while also learning about fish.  “We wanted customers to experience the feeling of skating on the sea, but after receiving criticism, we decided that we could not operate it any more,” he said.  “We are planning to hold a memorial service for the fish and are inviting a Shinto priest, which we'd planned before getting criticized.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo credit: Wikipedia, AP via Daily Mail

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