Unemployed Mother Admits To Letting Kids Go Hungry To Spend Benefits On Boob Job


An unemployed mother of four admitted to letting her children go hungry so she could afford to spend her government benefits on a "botched" breast augmentation surgery.

Naica Gibson, a 31-year-old woman from London, England, said she’s been on benefits for her entire adult life and recently put aside a portion of the money for a boob job. The surgery was reportedly botched and left her with significant scarring, prompting her to ask the government for £5,000 [$7,940] in order to have it corrected.

“I’m from England and deserve the treatment if I need it,” she said. “I don’t see anything wrong in using my benefits for a boob job.”

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Because she’d been putting money aside for the surgery, Gibson reportedly had to take her children to their grandmother’s home so that they could eat, as she would have run out of money by the end of the month had she paid for their food.

In addition to the money she used to fund the surgery, Gibson also spent £4,250 [$6,749] on a flight to Poland to have the procedure. The Polish clinic was, according to Gibson, her cheapest option with the amount of money she had from the two years she’d been saving.

On the flight home from Poland, Gibson claimed her breasts became infected. A doctor in the U.K. told her that she’d need corrective surgery to fix the botched procedure. 

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“When I look at my breasts one is bigger than the other,” she said. “I expect the NHS to fix my breasts after all the stress I've been through."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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