Convicted Pedophile Seeks Asylum in UK After Grooming Teenager For Sex

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Subayer Ahmed, 29, allegedly groomed two teenage girls to have sex with them. Ahmed, who is from Bangladesh but who has lived in the U.K. since 2009, reportedly contacted the girls using Facebook and WhatsApp and arranged to meet one of them, a 15-year-old, in a Travelodge in Manchester for sex on Aug. 11.

"One of the staff at the Travelodge saw an Asian man come into the Travelodge that evening, just before 10 p.m. and she noticed a young female with him,” prosecutor Emma Kehoe told the court. "She felt that the young female looked uncomfortable. She also felt she was far was too young to be with the Asian male. She became concerned about the well-being of that young girl and she contacted the police.”

Police reportedly broke into the room and found them fully clothed.

Kehoe said Ahmed’s meeting with the teen followed months of messaging and professions of love. “The defendant asked her what she would do if a guy was lying next to her naked. She at first was embarrassed. He went on to tell her what he would do if female was lying next to him. She continued to tell him she loved him and he responded by telling her he loved her too. He began to talk about how he would book a Travelodge and how they would spend the night together. He told her he was looking forward to sharing a bath with her.”

On May 27, Ahmed was sentenced to 32 months in prison after pleading guilty to two charges of meeting a child following sexual grooming, one charge of sexual activity with a child, one of providing a false document with intent to obtain leave to remain in the U.K. and one of possessing a false document with intent. He has also been forbidden from being alone with any child under the age of 16.

Though Ahmed, a restaurant worker, initially came to Britain legally using a student visa, he let it expire. He is currently applying for political asylum to stay in the U.K.

"You went to the hotel room and it's quite clear your intention was to have sexual intercourse with the girl,” said Judge Jonathan Gibson while he sentenced Ahmed. “You were disturbed and that did not take place.I understand that you are applying for asylum. I'm afraid, based on the information that I have, it would seem to me that given what you did to these two young girls, you shouldn't really be in the United Kingdom."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Express

Image via Daily Mail


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