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U.K. Woman Chooses Body Branding At Very Hot Temperatures (Video)

While body branding is considered torture to most people, there are some folks who are choosing to have designs burned into their skin, a process also called "scarification."

A young woman named Kerri recently allowed England's Channel 4 to film her undergoing this extreme type of body modification (video below).

In the video, Kerri is branded by a body artist who uses tools that heat up between 900-1200 degrees; smoke is actually seen rising off her burned skin.

The Independent notes that Kerri chose to have six Viking runes burned into her left arm.

"The effect on the skin is essentially a burn and it is an open wound," says the body artist.

"The smell was strange. It was quite overwhelming at first. It was kind of like when you use hair straighteners and leave them on for too long. It was a very weird smell," Kerri adds.


Sources: Channel 4, The Independent
Image Credit: Channel 4 Screenshot


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