Teen Driver Brags About Fast Driving Before Killing Driver In Car Crash


A U.K. teenager is behind bars after he sped through a red light and killed another driver. The day before the crash he posted a picture of him on social media driving 142 mph.

Addil Haroon, 19, collided with a vehicle driven by Joseph Brown-Lartey, 24, in Rochdale, England, killing Brown-Lartey instantly.

Haroon had been driving 80 mph in a 30 mph zone and split Brown-Lartey's car in half.

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Officers at the scene reportedly said that it was the worst crash they had ever witnessed, with one saying he had "never seen such destruction of a vehicle traveling on urban roads," according to the Manchester Evening News.

Haroon also allegedly attempted to flee area in a taxi after the collision.

When law enforcement officials caught up to Haroon, he denied being at the wheel. He later texted to his friends, bragging that he would only serve a year in jail.

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(Addil Haroon)

“I was unlucky with those lights,” one text read.

Several friends who were in the vehicle with Haroon told police that he was the driver. Officials also discovered his DNA on the airbag.

The Crown Court discovered that Haroon had taken a picture on the social media app Snapchat showing that he had been racing in his car going 142 mph the night before.

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He also messaged his friends: “Leeds to Rochdale in 11 minutes. Catch me.”

“The Crown say this is evidence of Mr. Haroon’s attitude to the rules of the road and to his safety and the safety of others,” said prosecuting attorney Lisa Boocock.

She also insisted that Haroon and his friends were “showing off” their cars with driving stunts.

Haroon later pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, driving while unlicensed, and driving while uninsured, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The Manchester Crown Court sentenced him to be jailed for 6 years. He will serve half that sentence behind bars at a facility for young offenders before he is released “on license.”

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(Joseph Brown-Lartey)

“Nothing I can say in my sentencing remarks can come close to dealing with the appalling loss felt by Mr. Brown-Lartey’s family and close friends," said Judge Mort as he sentenced Haroon. “You clearly thought you were invincible.

“Your life is on hold, but you’re position at least does have the certainty that you can pick up the threads again,” he added. “That is not something the family will be able to do.”

Source: The Manchester Evening News, The Daily Mail 

Photo: Cavendish Press via Daily Mail, drive.com.au


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